Movie theaters will be closed if ‘Pathan’ doesn’t show! Shahrukh’s fans gave an ultimatum to the government of this country

Pathan has become the most successful film in the Hindi film industry at the moment. This record has been completed in just 37 days. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, this film has set a new worldwide earnings record. With the huge business this movie has done in India, Bollywood has been brought back to its former glory. The producers and distributors of the film are very happy. But the audience is yearning for this film in Bangladesh.

Fans in Bangladesh believe that Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham leading this film should be released in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi movie theater owners also want to be a part of the success and profit that this film has achieved across the globe. Fans as well as theater owners in Bangladesh are demanding that “If you don’t show ‘Pathan’ then the theaters will be closed down one by one!”

Since 2014, the release of Bollywood films has been banned in Bangladesh. Shahrukh’s film has fallen prey to this rigor. It was said that this film would be released in February, but the nut of its release is still stuck.

It remains to be seen if Sheikh Hasina’s government changes its rules to release Shah Rukh Khan’s film or not. Or we will have to wait longer for the release of Fans Pathan. Although, many fans are waiting for this movie to come to OTT, but they also believe that the fun of watching the movie on screen is not watching it on OTT.

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