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Movement of Urrutia with a rooster from his Board

The former president of Athletic is caught meeting with one of his former partners

The elections to the presidency of Athletic They will be held in the summer of 2022. Already at Christmas time, the first movements are already beginning to come to light. Without going any further, the former president, Josu Urrutia, has been seen with Jon muñoz in a town near Bilbao. Everything indicates that the issue of the elections was on the table.

It has been in a coastal town of Bizkaia, 23 kilometers from Bilbao. Obviously only they know what was being discussed at that meeting, but with elections to Ibaigane just around the corner, presumably the former president of the Athletic and his old partner prepare something.

Athletic presidency
Aldazabal, top favorite for the Athletic presidency

Urrutia meets with Jon Muñoz

Logic says that we can only face two possible scenarios. On the one hand, that they are planning something to support Javier Aldazabal, a favorite candidate for many and also a member of the old Board of Urrutia. It seems the most consistent option.

However, we cannot rule out that another new shadow candidacy is being worked on. Josu Urrutia is very well connected at Athletic and has the ropes to regain power, even if it is in the shadows. They are still speculations, the only thing that is clear is that the meeting took place.

Willingness for change in the athleticzales

Jon Muñoz and the former president Urrutia would only meet at this point on the occasion of the Athletic elections. Surely in the coming weeks, once the Christmas holidays are over, more information will be learned about the possible candidacy or his unconditional support for Aldazabal.

In any case, the elections are already beginning to make noise. We know for sure that Elizegi does not continue and that all eyes point to the former president Urrutia as the engine once again of the future of the club. In the athleticzales there is general disappointment with the work of Elizegi and they look forward to the elections to change the course of the club.

Urrutia to end Athletic de Elizegi

There is nothing like going through social networks to capture the opinions of the fans of a team before some specific event that concerns their club. In the case of Athletic, the controversy is served with the little importance that has been given to a figure as relevant as that of Koldo Asua.

The teacher, as he is nicknamed due to the profession he exercised in the Jesuits of Indautxu, he entered Lezama in 2004 at the hands of Fernando Lamikiz Y Fernando Noriega, then president and sports director, respectively. True to his principles, in 2009 he resigned due to disagreements with the president’s project Fernando Garcia Macua.

Koldo Asua “the Professor” from Lezama

With Urrutia he returned and with Elizegi he left forever

Josu Urrutia, after his victory in the elections in 2011, recruited Asua again, who remained in the entity until 2019, when he resigned from the post, again protecting his ideals, which were far from the new mandate. He resigned from his position three months in advance because he was not in tune with the new project led by Rafa Alkorta and endorsed by the president, Aitor Elizegi.

“The new Board of Directors does not even know our project. You have chosen another and have already started it. I hope they go to the movies. I have never spoken with the Board of Directors. What they are going to do does not match my ideas and the right thing to do was to leave. I don’t fit in with the current project and I made the decision with great pain ”, Koldo Asua said goodbye forever, well-loved by Athletic.

Athletic players do pay tribute to Koldo Asua

Now, on the occasion of his death, the athleticzale fans are deeply hurt by the treatment that has been received from the president of Athletic towards Koldo Asua. A minute of silence was observed, without more, as when any other personality in the world of sports dies, even if they are not linked to Athletic.

The only ones who paid the respect it deserves were the players themselves, showing a shirt with their name to the wind. And is that players like Iker Muniain or Iñaki Williams were closely linked to his figure. Very inelegant has been what Elizegi has done, no matter how many differences they had in life.

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