Mouth, semi-finalist!

Boca fulfilled the objective, beat Quilmes, advanced to the Copa Argentina phase and entered the semifinals of the most federal competition in the country. The Xeneize knew how to suffer in the first half, where it showed defensive shortcomings, but it was effective in the rival area and there it began to define the process of a series that turned out to be tougher than imagined.

The brewer, of very correct work during the initial stage, started with the right foot and hit from the start. Julián Bonetto, at 4 minutes, surprised everyone with a great goal from outside the area and opened the scoring in the spring night of Mendoza. Far from relaxing from being up in the result, those from the South continued to go on the attack and generated about five or six more situations. He must? Clearly, in the forcefulness.

Those of the Ribera, somewhat misaligned in the last line and in the midfield, where they lacked football and balance, found in their two number 9 the key to the goal. First, Darío Benedetto, at 7′, matched history with his own definition of his style. Time later, at 34 ‘, Agustín Sandez overflowed from the left, threw the center and found Gonzalo Morales, the youth attacker who appeared to push her and decree the partial 2-1.

The start of the plugin had much less pace than the first stage. Logically, neither of them could maintain the intensity: Boca rested a little more in the result, Quilmes ran out of energy and felt the famous difference in category.

Hugo Ibarra moved the bench at halftime and put in Nahuel Genez instead of the southpaw Sandez. Before 10 minutes, Pipa Benedetto put an end to his participation and left his place to the young Luca Langoni. Walter Coyette, DT of Quilmes, played it for the experience and brought in the experienced Mariano Pavone to have more offensive weight.

The power of fire in final meters gave Boca a result: at 59′Toro Morales put a diagonal from inside to outside, took the center with his left and assisted Langoni, who in one of the first interventions scored the third for the blue and gold cast. But the tranquility was short-lived, because the Pavone Tank discounted quickly and at 64′ He put his team in the game again.

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Due to the incidents that occurred with the Quilmes public, which began to throw stones at Boca supporters located in the covered stalls and even ended up attacking a collaborator of his club on the head, the game took more than 15 minutes. The Police had to intervene to stop the Cervecera bias, which starred in an image that greatly damages the competition that still allows the presence of the two fans.

Morales, as spicy as he had been all night, received inside the area after a great run from Langoni on the right, but his shot was deflected off the line and then hit the post. Some time later, Cristian Medina, with a good performance, assisted him barbaricly, but the pipe again denied the cry to the young Cordovan. Boca missed the quarter, Quilmes took a deep breath, was saved and stayed alive to play the final stage of the quarters.

The referee added 17 minutes, as a result of the disturbances, Boca took the opportunity to join lines and withdraw, but Quilmes never surrendered beyond not having the clarity that the moment requested. Javier García had some important appearance that gave peace of mind to the last champion of the tournament, who did not finish him on time and put question marks in the series. The clock kept running, time was running out and the party was completely unleashed in the Boca tribune.

Those led by the trident of Ibarra, Pompei and Gracián fulfilled the objective, got into the semifinals and now they will collide vs. Patronage, which comes from sweeping River. In addition, the dream of the Professional League is still valid and on Sunday there will be a tough fight vs. Velez. With little showy game, but with a lot of heart, Boca goes…

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