Motorola Edge 2021 is official! Nearly perfect Android smartphone, but there’s a catch

Motorola is currently owned by the Chinese company Lenovo and has established itself as one of the largest manufacturers in the world. It is a force to be reckoned with in the North American market, as well as in South America, especially in Brazil, and it is also growing in Europe.

Crystallizing this growth and re-entry, for example in Portugal, we now have the new Motorola Edge 2021. It is a mid-range / high-end Android smartphone with support for 5G mobile networks, as well as a good range of technical functions. features.

This is the new Motorola Edge 2021 smartphone

Motorola Edge 2021

Motorola does not compete in the segment cousin from Samsung or Apple. However, Motorola has stood out for its cost / benefit smartphones, a factor that analysts say has helped the brand establish itself in various markets.

Now with the Motorola Edge 2021, the manufacturer presents its new top of the range, being the best Motorola smartphone you can find. In fact, it is the second iteration of this range with the first model to be presented in 2020.

More specifically, the new Motorola Edge 2021 is a direct successor to the Edge model presented in 2020 and not exactly the “real” high-end Edge + (Plus). In addition, this new model is very similar to the Motorola Edge 20 available in Europe.

Motorola Edge 2021

Motorola Edge 2021 Main Technical Specifications

Motorola Moto Edge 2021

The highlight of the new Motorola smartphone is its Snapdragon processor and the display with a high refresh rate. It also has IP52 certification that makes it waterproof, mainly made of plastic.

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Your price? It costs $ 500 in the United States of America, about 430 euros for this mid-range product. Unfortunately the new Motorola Edge 2021 is not available in Europe, a market where it would have to compete directly with Xiaomi.

Finally, there is currently no forecast for his eventual arrival in Portugal. This is the biggest “drawback” of the new product recently introduced by Motorola for the North American market.

Nevertheless, we can buy the Moto G100 from € 475.42 on Amazon.ES, with similar characteristics and competitive price.

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