Motorcycle Accident: Two Young Men Injured After Ignoring Traffic Light and Crashing into Truck

Young Motorcyclist and Passenger Seriously Injured in Crash with Truck

A 19-year-old man and his 22-year-old female companion suffered serious injuries after a collision between their motorcycle and a truck in Montevideo, Uruguay, at approximately noon on Wednesday.

Accident Details

The incident occurred on Route 102 and Belloni, according to a preliminary report from the Highway Police. Authorities claim that the young motorcyclist, whose initials are MAAA, did not possess a valid driver’s license and disregarded the traffic light while crossing the road. This is based on surveillance footage and traffic camera evidence obtained from the scene.

Injuries and Aftermath

The motorcyclist suffered severe head trauma and was rushed to a local health center for treatment. The young woman, who was a passenger on the motorcycle, sustained multiple injuries and remains in critical condition.

Truck Driver Unhurt

The 27-year-old truck driver involved in the accident was unharmed and tested negative for alcohol intoxication.

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