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Red Bull believes Fernando Alonso used transfer rumors to influence Aston Martin

In Formula 1, Red Bull suspects that Fernando Alonso has been fanning rumors about his possible signing to attract the attention of Aston Martin. With his contract ending in 2024, Alonso looms large one of the most sought-after free riders.

For Red Bull, These rumors seem to be more of an Alonso tactic. To influence contract negotiations with Aston Martin. The Asturian is waiting to decide on his future until he has assessed the performance of the new car and the changes to the British team.

Red Bull Fernando Alonso
He is rumored to be linked to Red Bull alongside Max Verstappen, forming a potentially dominant duo.

A 2024 full of possibilities for Alonso

2024 is expected to see major changes in Formula 1 as 14 drivers, including Alonso and Checo Pérez, end their contracts. Although there is speculation about Alonso joining Red Bull, The team prefers to rely on young talent. McLaren’s Oscar Piastri appears to be a target for Red Bull, complicating a potential signing of Alonso.

At Red Bull, the possibility of signing Alonso seems unlikely as the team’s strategy is focused on developing new talent alongside Verstappen. This puts Alonso in a situation of uncertainty, with several options but no clear direction yet.

Ferrari and the future of Alonso

Ferrari could be the key to Alonso’s future. With the expiry of Leclerc and Sainz’s contracts and the possibility of changes at Ferrari, an opportunity opens up for Alonso. While Red Bull is showing interest in Sainz, Leclerc is rumored to be moving to Aston Martin, which could facilitate Alonso’s return to Ferrari, where he previously performed exceptionally well.

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Fernando Alonso, who still has great admiration for Ferrari, could consider returning to the Italian team, especially if the changes at Ferrari and Aston Martin occur. This whirlwind of moves puts him in an interesting position going forward.

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