Motor Fernando Alonso wants to extend his contract with Aston Martin to race in Madrid. Laura Rangel – January 25, 2024 – 1:10 p.m

Fernando Alonso expresses his excitement about the possible Madrid Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, the famous Spanish driver, has spoken for the first time about the Madrid Grand Prix, an event that has raised great expectations among fans of the Formula 1 world. The official presentation of the event took place at IFEMAwhere prominent figures such as Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1, and the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, made special mention of Alonso.

Domenicali underlined the importance of Alonso and Carlos Sainz in the Formula 1 panorama and emphasized that for Alonso Formula 1 in Madrid would be a great incentive. Up until this point, Fernando Alonso's position heading into the Madrid GP had been a mystery.

Fernando Alonso Madrid
Fernando Alonso speaks for the first time about the Madrid GP: “I will enjoy racing”

Alonso's future in Formula 1

The Asturian driver, who is currently under contract with Aston Martin for the 2024 season, had not commented on his participation in this historic event. However, in a recent meeting with RacingNews365, Alonso expressed his willingness: “I will be happy to run in Barcelona, ​​I will be happy to run in Madrid when I am here in 2026.”.

This statement has relieved the followers who hope to see him compete in his home country. Fernando Alonso's current situation in Formula 1 is the subject of constant debate. At 42, he remains a strong contender and Aston Martin has shown interest in extending his contract beyond 2024.

The uncertainty about Alonso's career and his presence in Madrid

lThe question of what Alonso's optimal level will be in the coming years remains unanswered. This uncertainty is also reflected in the Asturian's possible participation in the Madrid Grand Prix. Should Alonso decide to compete in Madrid, he would do so at the age of 44 and will have extensive experience, particularly his recent spell at Aston Martin.

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His statement about being lucky enough to compete in both Barcelona and Madrid shows his commitment and passion for the sport, regardless of his future on the slopes.. This perspective has fans and pundits excited about the role Alonso will play in Formula 1 in the coming years, particularly at such significant events as the potential Madrid GP.

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