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Speculation about a possible takeover by Fernando Alonso at Red Bull is increasing

The world of Formula 1 is full of surprises and unexpected twists, and one of the rumors that has caused the most stir in Spain is the possibility of Fernando Alonso moving to Red Bull. Although the driver line-up for next season is already confirmed and all Teams keep their teams, the rumor persists. Fernando Alonso, known for his skills and experience on the race track, could be a star signing for Red Bull.

Interest in this move is increasing as it is expected that Checo Pérez, the current Red Bull driver, could leave a vacant seat. Despite finishing second, Pérez failed to live up to the expectations of many, winning only two of the 22 possible races. In this context, the figure of Alonso becomes relevant as a possible alternative for the team.

Fernando Alonso Red Bull
Red Bull never forgets the Asturian

The current panorama and the future of Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso currently enjoys a stable position at Aston Martin. However, journalists specializing in motorsports, such as the renowned José María Rubio, suggest that the situation could change. “Whatever they say, Red Bull’s gap is there.”says Rubio, indicating that the possibility of a move for Alonso is not completely ruled out.

Alonso’s contract with Aston Martin and the dynamics within the team could influence his future decision. Given the impending changes among shareholders and the possibility that Aston Martin will fail to live up to expectations next season, Alonso could become the most sought-after free agent in the world of motorsport.

The conditions of a possible signing of Alonso by Red Bull

There are contract situations at Red Bull and Aston Martin that could influence the decision to sign Alonso. While Max Verstappen is Red Bull’s long-term bet with a contract until 2028 and Lance Stroll is likely to stay at Aston Martin, Pérez’s seat at Red Bull does not appear to have the same security.

If Perez’s performance does not improve significantly, Red Bull could look for a replacement. And this is where Alonso comes into play. With his contract ending in 2024 and his recognized skills and experience, Alonso could be an attractive option for Red Bull. Additionally, if Red Bull is looking for a high-profile driver to assert its dominance, Alonso could be an ideal choice.

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