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Carlos Sainz decides to leave Ferrari: fatigue due to team decisions and favoritism towards Leclerc

Formula 1 is experiencing a real earthquake with the news that Carlos Sainz will be leaving Ferrari. The Madrid driver’s decision, driven by fatigue due to the team’s bad decisions and an obvious preference for his teammate Charles Leclerc, marks a turning point in his career.

Ferrari, which has not dominated the world championship since 2007, faces a major challenge with the departure of one of its most talented and popular drivers. Ferrari’s legacy, previously strengthened by the likes of Vettel, Hamilton and Verstappen, is now being called into question.

Carlos Sainz Ferrari
Sainz, known for his skill and charisma on the track, has failed to become a title contender, partly due to the limitations of his car.

The future of Sainz: preliminary contract with Sauber and the conversion to Audi

According to Auto Action, Sainz’s future appears to be already underway as a preliminary contract has been signed with Sauber. Although he has a contract with Ferrari until 2024, There is speculation about his move to the Swiss team in 2025. This move could be strategically important considering the planned move from Sauber to Audi in 2026, which could represent a new and promising stage in Sainz’s career.

The move to Sauber and then Audi offers Sainz a unique platform to redefine his F1 legacy. This decision also indicates a change in direction of his ambitions and a search for an environment in which his talent and experience can be better utilized. In addition, working with Audi offers you the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of technological innovation in motorsport.

Reflections on Sainz’s change and the future of Ferrari

Carlos Sainz’s decision to leave Ferrari is not only a loss for the Italian team, but also a sign of the internal challenges and team dynamics in Formula 1. His move to Sauber and ultimately Audi opens up a number of possibilities and speculations about the future of this talented driver.

This change can be seen as a bold move by Sainz, who is looking for new opportunities and challenges in his career. For Ferrari it represents an opportunity to reflect and possibly restructure, while for Sainz it is a bet on a potentially bright future in the world of Formula 1.

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