MotoGP grows again

MotoGP wins in health and that is the best news that can be asked for so far this season. The changes were controversial at the time, but they are undoubtedly giving more than positive results. The Saturday sprint races weren’t welcomed with open arms at first, however, There are already many who get on the boat of extra excitement on weekends. Although, as is inevitable, it has brought with it a series of collateral damage: controversies over sanctions, a designated Panel of Commissioners and, worst of all, a few injured drivers who already know what it is like to miss more than one race. Among them, Marc Márquez, to whom the World Cup lost again for three consecutive events (Argentina, Austin and Jerez). But another positive point of the sprints: more points are distributed and, with more than 500 still to be distributed, the competition remains more open than ever.

In short, total success by Dorna. They looked at Formula 1 and, seeing that it worked, they revolutionized its format to make room for sprints. Less practice and more emotion, despite the fact that the pilots were not amused at first. And it is that, unlike the four wheels, MotoGP chose to double the bet at the same price: two races a weekend, going from a schedule of 21 races to 42 per season. And there were many who showed their disagreement, even knowing that the solution was going to be more than positive to recover the popularity of the championship. The task was not going to be easy, physique matters more than ever and, despite the fact that it is a format to which they are still adapting amidst controversies with Race Direction, the figures already reveal a resounding success that the World Cup had been looking for for years.

The pandemic, Márquez’s injury and Rossi’s goodbye were three hard blows from which they are still recovering and, finally, they see the light appear at the end of the tunnel. In just the first third of the year, with five Grand Prix contested, weekend television audiences show a growth of 27% compared to previous years, even taking into account that private broadcasts make it increasingly difficult for fans. And speaking only of Saturdays, the success is even greater: the figures have grown an average of 51%, both for the fight for pole positions and for the sprint race, which has taken center stage at this start of the course. If we focus on Sundays, the figures are also positive. According to the World Cup viewership has increased by almost a fifth in major markets, demonstrating that not only the new races on Saturdays attract the attention of the fans, but also that interest is transferred to the action that accumulates on the track throughout the weekend.

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Historic crowd in the stands

But the popularity of the MotoGP World Championship has not remained stagnant only on the small screen. In fact, he has passed through it. Since the start of the season in Portimao (Portugal), the competition has seen a significant increase in the number of grandstands at its circuits in the five races. People have been more encouraged to live the races from within, close to their drivers and, that, has resulted in a 40% increase in ticket sales. And even more records have been broken: the celebration of the thousandth Grand Prix in the history of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) brought with it the all-time attendance record for a race weekend. The French GP, at Le Mans, welcomed 278,805 attendees, that is to say, more than a quarter of a million fans filled the stands to enjoy a show that was up to the task of such a special event.

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