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‘Mother’, the short that claims conciliation in sport

'Mother', the short that claims conciliation in sport

This Sunday, May 7, Mother’s Day is celebrated, a day of celebration and vindication. Double aspect that reflects the short film Motherlaunched by the HÉROES DE HOY platform, made up of LaLiga, Iberia, Repsol, Orange and DAZN. The objective of this film is to make society aware of the importance of conciliation and puts the focus on motherhood within the world of elite sports, which on many occasions truncates the professional development of women. “Mother denounces behaviors that are still widespread in society and condition the future of many women”, explains Alejandro Lavezzolo, spokesperson for HÉROES DE HOY.

The data is still shocking: one in three pregnant athletes suffers abandonment and discrimination. Sport, therefore, continues to be one more reflection of society. And it is that, according to the study The Invisiblesfour out of ten women claim to have experienced an episode of this type in their work environment after becoming mothers. Furthermore, 22% of women lost their job, 11% left due to their inability to reconcile it, and 6% were fired. Hence, 68% of mothers have made the decision not to have more children. “There are still women who decide to postpone or abandon their desire to be mothers so as not to lose opportunities in professional sports, since they face cuts in their sponsorships, the termination of contracts…”, affirms Daniel Rodríguez, executive creative director of DDB.

Mother tells one of those stories that empowers. That of an athlete who decides to be a mother and an elite athlete, without giving up either of her two dreams and all this despite not having the support of her coach or those around her.. Alone is capable of getting ahead and overcoming the obstacles that appear. Her success is competing again, after having her baby in a caesarean section. This fiction tells the true story of many women who have been breaking down those gender stereotypes that had been responsible for perpetuating inequalities over the years. This is the fourth short promoted by the platform, which in its previous works focused on the fight against racism, against homophobia and against the harassment and toxicity to which some athletes are subjected.. Today’s problems to eradicate tomorrow.

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