Mother of La Ross María has suffered 22 crises due to “psychiatric problems”, according to Dj Sammy

After going to social networks this week to ask for prayers for the situation that she sees her mother going through since she was a child, The Ross Maria authorized her boyfriend DJ Sammy to offer details about his family process in an interview on “Alofoke Radio Show”, as detailed by the music producer.

Among other things, Sammy revealed that her future mother-in-law is in the midst of a crisis due to “psychiatric problems” that have generated despair in the singer, who since she was little had to “tie her up with chains” and three years ago she was reunited with her mother thinking that he had overcome his evil.

“Her mother has psychiatric problems, her mother since La Ross was very young, she had to tie her up with chains because they didn’t even have enough to buy the medicines, that is, they didn’t have enough to feed La Ross or her little sister, much less for medicines”, said Sammy.

“So, her mother lasts like this for years, in that crisis, La Ross has been suffering everything from her mother, she manages to position herself and manages to have money, she rescues her mother three years ago, she thought that her mother had already recovered of all those crises that gave him. I think there are 22 crises with this one now, ”she added.

In that sense, Sammy complained about the Dominican health system for psychiatric patients, which he considers complicated and expensive.

On the other hand, the creator of several musical hits explained that the family situation has also affected the artist professionally, in addition to a “misunderstanding” that the 19-year-old presents with her label. It should be noted that, in April 2021, she was signed by Sony Music Mexico in partnership with 829 Music Mundial LCC, her record label.

“She wants to make music, she wants to release music because that is… God gave her the blessing to find her life, to recover her family in a time with music and she was able to put it together because her dream since she was a child was to put together To his family. Ross is the support of her house, her father, her mother, her sister and her little sister, ”she said.

Regarding the rumors of separation, Sammy denied that they are true and assured that he continues in a sentimental relationship with the interpreter of “My most beautiful gift”.

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