Mother of Abused Girl in Aguas Dulces Charged with Aggravated Domestic Violence

AGUAS DULCES, ROCHA – In a case that has stirred significant controversy, a 31-year-old mother has been charged with aggravated domestic violence and failure to fulfill parental duties after one of her daughters was abused by a man in their home.

Details of the Incident

The incident occurred in December 2023 when the mother was not present at home. The man entered the house while the two girls, aged 10 and 7, were alone and proceeded to abuse one of them. He fled the scene when the girls’ 13-year-old brother returned home. The man has been charged with sexual abuse and is currently serving preventive detention in jail until August 16.

Legal Proceedings and Controversy

Initially, the accused was placed under house arrest at night following a court ruling, which sparked public outrage. The ruling was subsequently revoked, and the man was ordered to serve preventive detention.

Charges Against the Mother

In recent developments, the courts have charged the children’s mother with aggravated domestic violence and failure to fulfill parental duties. Rocha Police reported that the 6th Court of Rocha formalized the investigation and imposed precautionary measures for 120 days while the Prosecutor’s Office continues its investigation.

Ongoing Investigation

The case remains under active investigation as authorities seek to understand the full scope of the incident and the mother’s role in failing to protect her children.

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