A 38-year-old mother, Marizza Faría, and her 16-year-old daughter, Yeruti Giménez Faría, have made Spanish handball history by playing a Guerreras League match together. Iberdrola, the highest female category, a milestone that they do not consider “so great” because they are used to “doing many things together”.

The best player in the history of Paraguayan handball, Marizza Faría, finalized her preparation to play the 2021 World Championship with the South American team, which will be played from the 1st to the 19th of next December in Spain, whose preparation combines with the role as a benchmark for the Unicaja Banco Gijón team.

“I’m still happy, assimilating everything,” Marizza Faría told Efe, referring to the “privilege” that everything he experienced gave him, the “perfect script” as the game against Morvedre broadcast on television, with the entire quarry on the field.

“It was a mixture of emotions, especially happiness,” acknowledged the veteran player, who confesses: “A smile escaped me, I wanted to cry, I felt super proud and happy. I love handball and see that my daughter was in it. team was amazing. She was my teammate, but whether you like it or not she’s your daughter, what you love the most is a feeling that only moms can understand. “

From a very young age, she accompanied him to training, since ‘Tutti’ was 2 years old when his mother arrived in Spain in 2007 to play for the Monóvar team from Alicante.

Although when the young woman started as a juvenile she was a bit tired, it was when her mother signed for La Calzada de Gijón that she again took more interest in handball, a sport in which she has always been in the shadow of her mother, Marizza has recognized, knowing that her daughter has to “make her way” while everyone tells her that she plays or that she is good “like her mother.”

Regarding her sports characteristics, the mother defines her daughter as a “team” player, who stands out in the first row, where he does well in all three positions, both central and lateral, even pivot.

Marizza Faría -globalist with Paraguay in France 2007, Serbia 2013, Germany 2017 and now Spain 2021- He has assured that for his country, after qualifying third in South America behind Brazil and Argentina, it is a “prize” to be in the World Cup and compete with the greats.

In the Women’s Handball World Championship, the goal of Paraguay is “to compete, give a good image and enjoy”, as he does in the highest category of Spanish handball in which he stars in a “perfect” script to be able to hang up his boots and be able to retire this year playing with his daughter.

Yeruti, known sportingly as ‘Tutti’, has revealed that she learns “a lot” from her mother: “She corrects me as a partner, not as a mother, because when she is like that I take it more to heart. She always tells me why you don’t come in, and I always joke that why she doesn’t. “

The young woman refuses to define herself and prefers that her coach Cristina Cabeza speak, who sees her as a “team player, who sets the pace of the match.he knows very well what to do at all times “.

The coach, who does not see “a mother and a daughter, only Marizza, a veteran, and ‘Tutti’, a young woman, who help each other in the field”, is aware that they have made “history”, although it is necessary to “look at it normally”, valuing Marizza as an “example to follow”.

Cabeza has known Faría since her arrival in Spain, and has played against her for many years, so now training her is a “privilege” as she is a “very intelligent athlete.” tactically, in the offensive and defensive aspect, which from the beginning has been very clear about his strengths and has exploited them to the maximum, that is why at 38 years old he continues to play in the highest category at a very high level “.

Regarding ‘Tutti’, she stressed that she has “a lot to learn, she is an important player in the youth team, who little by little is going to add many things to the club. He’s also very smart tactically, he needs to get off his nerves and loosen up a bit more with the first team. “


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