The director of the Dominican Institute for Quality (Indocal), Lorenzo Ramírez, detailed yesterday that 80 percent of school lunch suppliers are not certified by the entity.

“If you look at the past processes, there were 3,000 almost 4,000 kitchens available, more than 80% are missing and what we hope is that they all come close to the certification request that we have available,” said Ramírez when he was approached during the opening ceremony for Start construction of the “Médico Express” center in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este.

Regarding the recent food poisoning of some students in different educational centers, he said that possibly some of these are or are not certified by Indocal.

“It is possible that there are several certificates or not, but any of these suppliers can request the information and we will provide you with the list of those that are certified,” said the official.

He stressed that the certification that canteens must have is not mandatory.

“The issue of this certification has been placed in the specification that is made as a voluntary process, that is, it does not require a mandatory nature, therefore, we are available with the necessary capacity and we hope that for a culture of quality all institutions do this certification,” he said.


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