And it might not be very difficult. Arrived with great fanfare with the label of the faithful adaptation of fighting video games, the reboot of mortal kombat by Simon McQuoid had promising visuals and characters that were well representative and faithful to the source materials. Still, the film turned out to be a semi-disappointment. If a few winks were very nice to follow, the cruel lack of audacity in the artistic direction of the film ended up disappointing many.

Having been ousted from wide distribution in the cinema, the feature film only received 83 million dollars in cinema receipts for a budget close to 55 million (comparable to Tim Miller’s Deadpool in 2016). Even if we do not yet know the dividends related to the VOD and to HBO Maxthe semi-success of the film will all the same have convinced Warner to exploit a vast extended universe, in parallel with the continuity of the franchise.


We should therefore see a hell of a lot of films stamped mortal kombatbecause Joe Taslimthe interpreter of Sub-Zero, said he signed on to star in five films in the franchise. Thought like a real introductory film (we don’t really see Mortal Kombat in Simon McQuoid’s film but clashes before this famous tournament)the filmmaker really wants to launch the iconic video game tournament in the sequel to the saga, which should bring in iconic characters and appreciated by fans like Johnny Cage.

Mortal Kombat © Warner Bros.

Only 55% reviews on Rotten Tomatoes gave good reviews for mortal kombat, which is far too little for those who worked on the film. Tea Direct interviewed Jeremy Slaterthe screenwriter of the second opus, who reassured fans that the sequel will be better than the first:

“It’s been great fun so far. We wrote about halfway through the script. I work closely with the director [ndlr : a priori Simon McQuoid], the studios and the game specialists. I can’t say anything about the story itself, but I think they learned from the last movie and said, ‘This is what the fans reacted to, this that people liked and what didn’t work as well as hoped. So we see this movie as a chance to take everything that worked in the first one, make it even better, give the audience even more, and do something incredibly satisfying, really exciting, and unpredictable. . I don’t think it will necessarily have the same tone as the MCU, but it will have some of my sensibilities. […]. We’ve got guys ripping their faces off and breathing fire, it’s a weird universe so we gotta take some of that weirdness to make a Mortal Kombat sequel that nobody’s been expecting […]. »