Morocco: the race against time continues to save Ryan, who fell into a well

Rescue teams are mobilized tirelessly to try to save little Ryan, 5, who fell into a well on Tuesday, February 1. He spent the fourth night there. The place, very deep, is difficult to access. Update on operations, Saturday, February 5.

The race against time continues in Morocco on Saturday 5 February. In the middle of the morning, according to public television, the Moroccan rescuers were only 1.80 meters from little Ryan, stuck at the bottom of a well for four days. The operation is progressing at a brisk pace, the drilling work is now done by hand. All night, the teams remained mobilized, but the landslides threaten every minute. Hundreds of people have flocked as a sign of solidarity but they weaken the ground and complicate the operations despite themselves.

At the end of a rope, a camera filmed the 5-year-old child who had accidentally fallen. Water and oxygen are brought to him. All attempts to descend into the shaft have failed because it is too narrow. To reach the boy, 32 meters underground, the rescuers had to drill a huge hole and then make a cavity perpendicular to the well. These are the last meters that are being dug. There would be high hopes of extracting the little boy alive, according to the rescuers.

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