Morocco is committed to a peaceful solution in Ukraine

Rabat, (BLAZETRENDS) interest” of President Volodimir Zelensky’s peace proposal.

In a joint statement after their meeting, Burita stressed that Morocco has “excellent relations” with both Ukraine and Russia, while warning that there are currently too many peace initiatives, which “may be more of a problem than a solution.”

The first visit by a Ukrainian minister in 31 years

This is the first visit by a Ukrainian minister to Morocco since the two countries established diplomatic relations 31 years ago, and it occurs in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a matter in which Rabat maintains a difficult balance of neutrality.

Burita and Kuleba, who has begun a tour of different African countries in Morocco, announced that both countries will deepen their political and economic ties and signed a memorandum of understanding on diplomatic matters.

The Moroccan minister highlighted the “historic relations” with Ukraine, based, he said, “on a great friendship and fruitful cooperation”, and affirmed that they will strengthen them in the economic field, in the fight against organized crime or in food security.

Burita explained that “Morocco does not support the war” and condemned the use of force to resolve disputes, while affirming respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries and “the resolutions of the General Assembly concerning the war in Ukraine”.

Morocco seeks a good relationship with the two parties in conflict

The North African country, which is trying to maintain good relations with the two parties in conflict, did not initially participate in some key votes at the UN condemning the Russian invasion, but later showed its rejection of Russia in others, the last one last February, when he voted in favor of the Russian withdrawal from Ukrainian territory.

Burita affirmed that this Monday’s visit “opens horizons and possibilities” in bilateral relations and announced that he will fill the post of ambassador in Kiev, where Rabat currently does not have the head of its diplomatic legation.

Invitation to travel to kyiv

For his part, Minister Kuliba invited Burita to travel to kyiv and “make amends for the mistakes” of his predecessors, who did not take advantage, he said, of Morocco’s potential “as a gateway to Africa.”

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And he thanked Morocco for voting in the UN General Assembly for “very important resolutions in support of Ukraine.”

Mention of the conflict over the territory of Western Sahara

Kuliba also referred to the conflict over the territory of Western Sahara, disputed between Morocco and the Saharawi Polisario Front and 80% controlled by Rabat.

“For us, territorial integrity is a sacred concept, which is why one of the points we are talking about is solving the problem of the Sahara,” he said, adding that his country supports the efforts of the UN envoy for Western Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, to “reach a mutually acceptable political solution in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter”.

And he referred to the autonomy proposal for the former Spanish colony presented in 2007 by Morocco to the UN, which he described as “a serious and credible basis for resolving the dispute.”

Cooperation and trade

The Ukrainian minister added that both leaders agreed on Monday to facilitate visas and trade between their countries and guaranteed their support for Rabat as a “guarantor of food security” assisting Moroccan farmers.

This visit takes place after the participation of the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, in the Arab League summit and in the framework of the preparation of the visit to Kiev of an African mission promoted by Pretoria to continue getting closer to the so-called “Global South”.

Ukraine hopes to achieve a high participation of African leaders and other “non-aligned” countries in the “peace summit” proposed by Kiev, which could be held in July in Denmark and seeks that the countries support part or all of the ten points of the called the Peace Formula that Ukraine presents as a roadmap for the end of the war.

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