Morocco awaits the outcome of the rescue of the boy who fell into a well

The Moroccans are still in suspense the rescue work of Rayan, the 5-year-old boy who has been at the bottom of a narrow well for more than two days, which is being accessed with several excavators, who work day and night and are already a few meters away. to reach 32 meters deep where the minor is found.

Rayan fell last Tuesday into the well located next to the family home in the village of Ighran, about 70 kilometers from the northern town of Chaouen, but the rescue work began yesterday, when the authorities responded to the call of the parents, who After searching for the child, they located him in the cavity.

As the father explained to several local media, they suspected that his son was inside the well and then they introduced a mobile with the camera on suspended by a rope, with which they verified that he was at the bottom.

The father indicated that the well was covered with a barrel, but that the boy must have moved it before he fell into it.

When they found that the child was inside, he said, they alerted the authorities, who began the rescue operations yesterday. Several volunteers tried to access the bottom by holding a rope, but the well is so narrow (between 30 and 50 centimeters) that they got stuck in the way.

At the same time, several machines began to excavate the ground next to the well in order to reach a depth of 32 metres. The idea is, at that moment, to dig another tunnel perpendicular to it to access the cavity where Rayan is.

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By noon, the rescue teams had dug more than 20 meters along the well and by now there would be few left to reach 32, after which another machine will be used to drill the access tunnel to the bottom of the well.

When they arrived, the emergency services introduced a camera into the well to monitor the child, who was still alive yesterday, although he was not moving. He was also given oxygen and sugar water.

According to statements made by a person responsible for the surveillance and monitoring committee of the rescue made tonight to the 2M network, the child would still be alive.

This event has the country on edge, with live internet broadcasts reaching 130,000 viewers and numerous messages of support for the family. The #Rayan trend is the largest on Twitter in Morocco and many people have come to the place.

In fact, last night dozens crowded next to the well, so today a security space has been established to avoid crowds.

The spokesman for the Moroccan government, Mustafá Baitas, made an appeal today to avoid the massive presence of citizens at the scene of the event, since this makes it difficult for Moroccan troops to intervene.

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