The Madrid fell with honor in Belgrade. It is true that scoring only 57 points is disappointing and that making only six triples of 33 attempts is almost suicidal. But the competitive gene of this team armed like a rock by Pablo Laso made them endure until the end of the final. the executioner was Pleissmore than Larkin Y micicbut we can’t ask for more from our Twin Towers (Tavares and Poirier), who fought like wild boars against the Ottomans.

The important thing is that the Eleventh will fall soon. With Laso at the helm and the existing base, this team has a lot to say in Europe in the coming years. The only thing missing is a born scorer, a Carroll who would have been caviar to lend a hand to Llull, Rudy and Causeur, three veterans who defend this shield with greatness Y pride. With them we will go for the ACB League!


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