More than crypto? Xander de Buisonjés BREGGZ sells 500 shares

Dutch singer Xander de Buisonjé has entered the corporate scene with his own audio brand ‘BREGGZ’. To raise capital for the startup, the 50-year-old singer went to Nxchange along with his partners. Nxchange is the first fully regulated European exchange for (tokenized) securities and digitized assets. In a special way, you can now acquire a stake in BREGGZ and support De Buisonjé on its way to business success.

Unique IPO via Bondex

In 2021, Nxchange announced the acquisition of Bondex: a transparent and accessible platform that allows companies to issue stocks or bonds. The alternative mini exchange from Nxchange is now also the place where you can get a share of BREGGZ.

BREGGZ is an innovative company in the field Custom wearables introducing the world’s first true wireless in-ear computer. Packed with features including real-time voice translation, the luxurious earbuds bring professional sound to consumers. ‘I just want the world to hear what I’m hearing”, is the reasoning of De Buisonjé.

BREGGZ uses a unique scanning technology in which the customer scans their own ears. This scan gives a better result than a hand-made impression, so it fits every ear perfectly, is a personal ID and offers maximum comfort.

On September 23rd, BREGGZ will officially start and the high-quality Headphones can be purchased for 1,500 euros. BREGGZ positions itself as a luxury brand and fashion statement, just like a designer bag or a Swiss watch.

BREGGZ turned to Bondex to raise additional capital for sales, marketing and production capabilities. Interested parties now have the unique opportunity to purchase a special BREGGZ set (“Alpha Edition”) in combination with a share at the normal price of 1,500 euros, in order to become a co-owner at a very reasonable price.

De Buisonjé, who rose to fame as the lead singer of pop group Volumia, is killing two birds with one stone with this unique IPO: you’re raising capital in an accessible way and you know how to steal the spotlight.

How to invest in BREGGZ

500 of these packages worth 1,500 euros are available through Bondex. With the sale, the audio brand wants to take an amount of 750,000 euros.

You can find more information about the innovative earphones from BREGGZ here Here Download the pitch deck. In addition, Nxchange on this page We’ve listed the most important things after which you can easily invest in what might be a new De Buisonjé hit.

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