More than a million people die of cancer in Europe every year

This Friday, February 4th, is the world cancer day. Among the various activities organized by the European Parliament During this month, the plenary session from February 14th to 17th will include in its agenda the debate and voting of the final report carried out by the special commission of fight against cancer (SCHOLARSHIP).

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Europe after cardiovascular disease and the leading cause of death in children over one year of age.

The document, prepared with the criteria of a multiplicity of specialists consulted by the special commission, reveals that the Cancer It is the second leading cause of death in Europe after cardiovascular disease and leading cause of death in children with more than one year. In total, around 1.3 million people die from cancer every year in Europe, of which 6,000 are children and young people.

In addition, almost three out of four cases diagnosed with this disease are in people over 60 years old. But, according to the work, about 40% of cancer cases in the European Union can be prevented.

About the pandemic, the document estimates that 100 million people screen test were not carried out in Europe during the months that the health emergency lasted, which led to one million cases of undiagnosed cancer.

In addition, one in five patients did not receive the treatment surgical or chemotherapy needed in time during the health crisis.

Risk factors

The report determines a variety of risk factors for cancer, including consumption of tobaccowhich is the main preventable cause of this disease in the European Union and causes between 15% and 20% of all cases, as well as the air contaminationwhich contributes to the increase in cases of lung cancer and other heart disease or stroke.

It also has an important effect exposure to hazardous substances at work, responsible for about 120 thousand cases of cancer. This causes approximately 80,000 deaths each year, which represents 8% of all deaths from this disease.

According to the study, Member States should offer advice on nutrition in primary care, as well as the need to excessive consumption of meat, ultra-processed products and with a high content of sugars, salt s fats.

Furthermore, it encourages the achievement of the European Commission’s objective of reducing by at least 10% the harmful use of alcohol by 2025 and has set a target of allocating 3% of the European Union’s GDP to research and development.

Finally, it supports coordination between European countries, common policy and the cross-border exchange of knowledge to advance the field of cancer research.


European Parliament

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