More than 90% of Spaniards indicate the card as their favorite payment method

9 out of 10 Spaniards prefer to pay by card. This is what the study shows “New habits in payment methods in Spain” of PaynoPain, a Spanish technology company specialized in the development of online payment tools. In their permanent search to satisfy and satisfy the needs of consumers, small companies in Spain have found a perfect ally in digital payments.

For his part, A Visa report has revealed that 77% of small businesses in our country already accept digital payments. This represents an increase of 11% in a matter of 12 months. According to this study, 66% of businesses believe that paying with a card reduces the risk of default, 54% have seen their business grow and almost 7 out of 10 say that paying with a card increases the value of transactions.

From PaynoPain, as a company that offers payment solutions, we created an alternative to traditional dataphones to make it easier for businesses to make card payments, without the need to hire extra POS devices. tap to pay is an alternative that transforms mobile devices into dataphones and these are some of its key benefits.

Tap to Pay Key Benefits

  • Speed ​​and comfort: to pay it is simply necessary to bring the credit card or the corresponding device closer to the payment reader to carry out the operation immediately. It is an agile method that improves your payment experience, which is especially useful in places with a large number of people (entrance to sports venues, concerts, festivals, etc.).
  • Flexibility and comfort: As you do not need to constantly carry a physical POS, it is an ideal alternative for jobs that require travel: food delivery, taxi drivers, repair services such as plumbers, electricians and a long list of professions. In addition, it eliminates the need to carry a dataphone and face the usual inconveniences, such as coverage problems or ticket printing.
  • Versatility: more and more small shops and entrepreneurs who are integrating Tap to Pay technology into their daily lives, as it is a versatile and adaptable solution for all types of businesses, from self-employed to SMEs or multinational companies.
  • less investment: For businesses, Tap to Pay means reducing costs since the hiring of dataphones is eliminated. They simply need an Android mobile with an NFC reader to start accepting card payments from their customers, mobile phones or smart watches.
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β€œThe level of digitization in small Spanish businesses is constantly growing. It is being reflected in multiple studies. In this trend of digital payment methods, Tap to Pay is gaining many followers. Not only does it benefit small businesses, but it is extremely useful for customers. It is a fast, comfortable and flexible payment method that has come to make life much easier”, he maintains Jordi Nebot, CEO and co-founder of PaynoPain.

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