More than 60 Russian soldiers killed in Donetsk by a strike, kyiv assumes

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These are the heaviest losses in a single attack admitted by Moscow since the beginning of the conflict. On Monday, Russia admitted to having lost 63 soldiers, killed by a bombardment in Makiïvka, a Ukrainian city under Russian occupation located east of Donetsk.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, “four missiles” fired by Himars systems, supplied by the United States to Ukraine, caused an explosion “in a provisional deployment center” of the army, which caused the deaths of soldiers.

The Ukrainian general staff admitted on Monday having carried out the attack, carried out according to him before the New Year, while indicating that the toll of human losses is being assessed. These Ukrainian strikes come after a January 1 marked by Russian bombardments in several cities in Ukraine, including the capital kyiv.

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The damage caused to the Ukrainian ecology by Russia is estimated at 35.3 billion dollars”

This is the estimate advanced this Monday on Twitter by Oleksii Reznikov. The Ukrainian Minister of Defense adds that “millions of hectares of natural reserves are threatened”, while the conflict began more than ten months ago.

The leader states that Article 55 of Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions (which define international humanitarian law) prohibits war on the environment “in retaliation”. “But Russia doesn’t care,” Reznikov laments.

This communication from the Ukrainian minister is part of a series of thirteen tweets with the explicit hashtag: #tribunal4russia. The politician demands that Russia be held responsible for its actions during the war before the courts.

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18 billion euros. European Union Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen confirmed by telephone to Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday the EU’s aid to support Ukraine in 2023.

“The EU stands by your side for as long as it takes. We support your heroic fight. A fight for freedom and against brutal aggression”, commented the German leader in a tweet.

The aid, voted by the European Parliament on December 14, 2022, should enable Ukraine to ensure the operation of its essential public services and to rebuild its infrastructure.

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kyiv targeted by a new Russian air attack. Several Russian bombardments targeted the capital and other Ukrainian cities on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The strikes caused power cuts. All of the attacks caused five deaths and around fifty injuries.

The Ukrainian Air Force also announced that it had shot down 45 Shahed explosive drones, manufactured by Iran and launched by Russia, during the night from Saturday to Sunday, without specifying whether other devices had reached their target.

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