More than 1,500 ships pass through the Haina river port every year

In the last ten years, the company HIT (Haina International Terminals), which manages and develops the Haina River Port, has invested more than US $ 160 million in physical infrastructure, protection, security, environment and state-of-the-art technology to maximize the work of exporters and Dominican importers.

Upon arriving at the 20th anniversary of the company, its executives highlighted their contributions and the factors by which it has become one of the productive and exporting sector of the Dominican Republic.

The note highlights that at present, more than 60% of the goods that are imported and exported from and to the Dominican Republic transit through the Rio Haina Port.

The note details that 70% of agricultural and food products that are traded with the United States are received or shipped through this port terminal.

Por HIT arrives 53% of grains, 25% of vehicles, 82% of liquids and more than 50% of fuel; all this moved in more than 1,500 ships per yearexplains the corporate note.

What’s new?

The note highlights that HIT Puerto Río Haina has the first and only cold room for inspection of perishable goods in the country, which allows the cold chain of perishable products that enter or leave through the port during the verification process to be kept intact.

In addition, HIT has invested in the first and only electric vehicle charging station in a Dominican port; which allows imported vehicles with these characteristics not to lose their technological configuration due to lack of charge in their batteries, thus supporting the development of electric mobility in the country.

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Other investments of value for the positioning of Puerto Río Haina as a world-class port terminal have been the acquisition of two new Panamax-type gantry cranes, the extension of the depth of the docks for container ships and the widening and deepening of the entrance channel. of the port.

By the end of this year, HIT will receive three new Panamax-type gantry cranes, in response to the demands of the maritime industry and the needs of the region; that will enable it to receive and operate with greater efficiency container ships of greater depth, the note indicates.

“In the last 20 years, HIT has made great contributions to the economic development of the country, guaranteeing easier, more efficient and safer global trade in the Dominican Republic. We have 20 years applying international best practices, and using technology as a strategic ally to increase the experience, efficiency and security of our people, our clients and the development of the country ”, stated Erick Alma, CEO of HIT.


HIT Puerto Río Haina generates more than 600 direct jobs and promotes more than 3,000 indirect jobs that include logistics specialists, transporters, customs managers, inspectors, suppliers, among others.



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