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More than 100 hospitals destroyed by Russian bombing, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health

Más de 100 hospitales destruidos por bombardeos de Rusia, según Ministerio de Salud ucraniano

Russian troops have completely destroyed a total of 101 hospitals in Ukraine and damaged or seized nearly 200 ambulances across the country since the invasion began, Ukraine’s Ministry of Health reported on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

"For 77 days in a row (invasion), Russian terrorists have been bombing residential neighborhoods and civilian targets"said the Ministry of Health in its note.

He added that "the projectiles and missiles fired by the occupants reached 600 medical institutions ukrainian Some 101 hospitals were completely destroyed and can no longer be rehabilitated".

The Russian army also destroyed 450 pharmacies throughout the country, the Ministry recalled.

"Behind each of these figures is the life of a Ukrainianthe life of someone who did not arrive at the hospital on time, or someone who had nowhere to go, or someone who was not allowed to enter by the Russian military"he underlined in his message.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health assured that, with these actions, Russia ignores all norms and conventions of international law.

On May 6, the ministerial body asked international pharmaceutical companies to reduce the range of medicines they import from Russia, since the income they generate goes to the budget of the country that attacks them, he recalled in his message.



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