More and more users are moving from Android to an iPhone

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released a new report that investigated the preferences of users who bought a new iPhone. In fact, the data shows a growing number of users abandoning Android for the Apple smartphone.

This study revives the historical rivalry between the Android platform and the iPhone. We are talking about the leaders of the smartphone market, therefore, possessing a good phalanx of fans in both ecosystems.

15% of respondents say they traded in their Android smartphone for an iPhone

Data from a study conducted in the US shows that 15% of respondents have recently upgraded their Android smartphone to an iPhone. This is a new five-year high, matching the figure recorded in March 2018.

android vs iphone

The peak of migration between Android and iPhone occurred in 2016 with 21% of respondents revealing that they had an Android before buying their iPhone. That figure was subject to some fluctuations in the following years, now registering a new peak of preference for the Apple product.

In 2020 and 2021, only 10% switched from Android to iPhone, while in 2022 that number increased slightly to 11%. In fact, the post-pandemic period increased the number of new users of this product, allowing Apple one of its best sales periods.

The same report shows that by March 2023, 83% of iPhone users have switched to a new Apple smartphone. In other words, iOS loyalty is impressive numbers, which is not surprising in a market with a clear preference for national products.

Curiously, this exodus of Android users occurs at a time when the average sale price of an iPhone exceeds €1,000. In other words, not even the inflation that plagued Apple devices made the preference and desire for them fade.

Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, stated in the company’s latest financial report that “anywhere our market share is low, we tend to add a lot of exchanges.” This means that interest in Apple equipment is growing not only in the US.

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