Morbius: The whole truth about the character of the Vulture (Michael Keaton)

/Warning, this article contains spoilers about Morbius/

Among the (alone) big expectation that we could expect from the feature film Morbius of Daniel Espinosawas the mystery that revolved around the character ofAdrian Toomes, aka the Vulturewho was the central villain of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Another mystery that marked the adventures of the super-vampire played by Jared Letothe real identity of the Spiderman of its size, which it also shares with the character of Venom (Tom Hardy).

Yes Morbius will only be broadcast on March 30 in our French cinemas, some people have had the opportunity to see the film in press screening and the feedback is clearly not rave reviews. Many criticize the film for Daniel Espinosa to ape the mediocrity of the franchise Venom and, even worse, the post-credits scene remains a monster of inconsistency and for good reason: It features the Vulture (Adrian Toomes) who arrives in Sony’s Spider-Man universe following the fate of Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home. There he meets Michael Morbius and offers him to join forces with him to fight Spider-Man.

Adrian Toomes was part of the promotion of Morbius and seemed to play a major role in it. In the end, the latter only appears during the post-credits scene of the film. And his passage from mcu In the universe sony comes to contradict openly with the end of No Way Home. If characters from other universes go home (Villains, other Spider-Man, Venom), why the Vulture of the MCU also leaves its dimension?

Spider-Man: Homecoming: Walt Disney Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios

Many see in it only a grotesque pretext to climb high speed Sinister Six stamped Sony Pictures. Especially since Daniel Espinosanear CinemaBlendhas already admitted that the Morbius Vulture was the real character and not a variant:

” At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home and in No Way Home itself, it is clearly established that it is possible for characters to cross from one multiverse to another. The events of No Way Home had the effect of transferring Venom and Vulture (and possibly others) back and forth between the MCU and the universe Venom. ยป

What to continue to tease the arrival of Sinister Six (Kraven will be the next villain on the list to be introduced) and perhaps imply the imminent arrival of a Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal or a new actor).

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