Morbius: The official classification is revealed

New universe movie Sony, Morbius of Daniel Espinosa will be released for the month of January 2022 after a long time of postponements related to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. We can see a little more clearly when in the film since No Way Home taught us that the Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was not in the universe Sony, evidenced by the return ofEddie Brock in his universe at the end of the film Jon watts.

With Jared leto in the main role of the super-vampire, the duration and the official classification of Morbius were unveiled by Cinemark, which reveals that the film will last 108 minutes, credits included, and was rated PG-13 for “Intense sequences of violence, frightening images and short, strong language”. Without surprise, Morbius will have a very largely watered down violence as they may have had before him Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. However, the feature film had let shine through some rather interesting images, which promised a rather nice horror film and provided with jumps-scares. But the aesthetics of Daniel Espinosa will therefore have to correspond with the schedule of hyper friendly loads of Sony Pictures, even if it means not respecting his source character too much.

Morbius should make an official bridge with the universe of MCU, given the presence ofAdrian Toomes aka the Vulture at the casting. Keaton had also confided that he had gone back to filming for reshoots in the costume of the Vulture. However, it remains to be seen whether we could actually see the film in the first month of 2022 or if the variant Omicron will come and redistribute the cards.

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