Morbius: After his flop at the cinema, the film is a hit on VOD

Morbius by Daniel Espinosa is the third film of Sony Universe of Marvel Charactersa universe that already seems destined to disappear given the latent mediocrity of the films released so far. Morbius had a box office smash with $163 million at the worldwide box office for a non-marketing budget of $75 million. Critics have also been very nasty with the film carried by Jared Leto. Through various social media memes, the super-vampire movie has also become a laughing stock on the internet.

In an attempt to surf the dynamics, Morbius was released in theaters exclusively in more than 1,000 theaters in the United States. Yet only another $300,000 was recovered, and the film once again left the theater market.

In contrast, Morbius seems to have found a second life on VOD. According to Fandango, Morbius indeed topped last weekend’s VOD chart (without the total numbers though). The Vampire Doctor even walked past Uncharted, The Bad Guys, The Batman and Everything Everywhere All at Once, occasionally ahead of the best-performing film in the VOD ranking from June 13 to 19. Distinction which should however not be enough to make the film a success.

However, Sony does not seem to have learned the lesson since despite the trifle of characters at its disposal, these are feature films on Mrs. Webb (July 5, 2023) and El Muerto (pre-production) which will arrive after the expected Kraven next January.

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