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Morata, headline with mass bath

Morata, headline with mass bath

Was a special session for Morata. The striker, one of the protagonists of this market at Atleti, took the spotlight for his performance at the Los Angeles de San Rafael training camp. Simeone included him in the theoretical eleven of the starters for the attacking exercises and for the match, after not entering the previous days. After the job, it was the most acclaimed by the fans. the international He approached the band and signed autographs and took photos, as many of each as they asked, more than a hundred. A mass bath while meditating on his future…

The training itself was short, barely an hour on the pitch. First, with some very demanding rondos with heels, pipes and various juggling. Afterwards, defense and attack exercises in which they already catch a glimpse of Simeone’s plans: Nahuel Molina, Savic, Giménez, Hermoso, Carrasco; De Paul, Koke, Lemar; Griezmann and Morata. A very recognizable team in which, in addition to Morata, French entered compared to the day before.

Griezmann’s goal and Galán’s spout

The session ended with a game in midfield and a single goalkeeper. Facing that team, one made up of Carlos Martín, Azpilicueta, Mouriño, Söyüncü, Javi Galán; Gismera, Saúl, Samuel Lino; Correa and Joao Felix. The first goal was scored by Griezmann, much applauded. Galán also received a loud ovation for a pipe. Then they joined the party Witsel, Giuliano and Kostis. In parallel, Llorente arrived to work in the gym, because it brings discomfort. The main absence was lodi, what says goodbye to Atlético to sign for Marseille.

Javier Gandul

At 19:10, with the final whistle and after the pertinent stretching, the applause arrived. From the fans to the players… and from the players to the fans as a thank you to the love received these days. And Morata approached the band to make a few children smile. The striker listened a few times “Álvaro, don’t go!” while it was being done selfies and signed shirts, notebooks, balls and even hats. Azpilicueta also approached the fans, who already have him as one more.

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