Morales: reinstatement of Bolivian minister is defending corruption

La Paz (BLAZETRENDS).- The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales (2006-2019) pointed out that the reinstatement of the Minister of Government (Interior), Eduardo Del Castillo, is to “defend corruption and drug trafficking” and that he has long been recommended to President Luis Arce “to improve his cabinet to finish his term.”

The former president and leader of the ruling Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) maintained in his Sunday program broadcast by the Kawsachun Coca radio that “defending” Del Castillo is “defending corruption and drug trafficking at this time,” but “it is the desire of the president ”.

“The ratification does a lot of damage to Lucho (Luis Arce) in particular, the Assembly says ‘change to improve your management’, I repeat, that censorship is not for Evo, it is not for the right, it is for Lucho, to improve his cabinet ”, Morales pointed out.

The minister’s censorship is not for Evo

File photo of former Bolivian President Evo Morales. BLAZETRENDS/Jorge Abrego

He also questioned the support of the social movements for this restitution since, in his opinion, “for dignity” how can they defend the “indefensible”.

He stressed that since December of last year and on several occasions Arce was recommended to “improve his cabinet to finish his term” and that censorship “is part of that.”

“The censorship of the minister is not for Evo, it is not for the evistas, as they try to make us understand, it is for the good of the president, that some ministers do not destroy Lucho, some ministers do not ruin Lucho’s management,” he said.

He also criticized that Vice President David Choquehuanca is not “on the front line” to defend the Government of Luis Arce.

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He activated the division in the MAS

Archive image of Evo Morales, of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), proceeds to cast his vote in Bolivia. BLAZETRENDS/Paolo Aguilar

The Legislature censured Del Castillo on Tuesday in an interpellation for the trafficking of stolen vehicles in Chile that were later sold in Bolivia and that implicated some police commanders more than a year ago.

The interpellation was proposed by opposition parliamentarians and was supported by 101 of the 144 legislators present in the Assembly, including the pro-government supporters of the Evista wing or those close to Evo Morales, which was seen as a betrayal by the so-called “renovators” or archists, the related to President Arce.

Del Castillo has been one of the ministers most resisted by the Evistas and by Morales himself, who asked Arce several times for his change, something that the president did not do and that activated the division in the MAS.

Arce swore del Castillo in again on Thursday after signing two decrees, one that dismissed him and another that reinstated him in office, which caused former presidents and politicians from the evista and opposition wing to point out that it is an “unconstitutional” action.

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