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Morales, early riser scorer

Morales, early riser scorer

Since his sporting maturity, if something characterizes José Luis Morales, top scorer in the history of Levante in the First Division, is that the seasons start like a shot. At 34 years old, the ‘Commander’ continues to be the offensive benchmark of Paco López’s team and, despite the passing years, his particular physical characteristics make him enter the competition with more revolutions than the rest. It is nature and, of course, work.

Morales has made his mark in four of the last five campaigns on matchday one. He scored in 2017 against Villarreal, doubles against Betis and Valencia in 2018 and 2020, respectively, and in Cádiz he scored his 50th goal in the top flight at the beginning of this season. He only missed his appointment with the goal in 2019.

His season starts are overwhelming since he reached thirty, years in which his best records have come in the elite. What’s more, last season, with 33, he signed his best season in the First Division with 13 goals and four assists (14 in all competitions). Its renewal, until 2023 plus an optional year, is not only a recognition of its granota trajectory. He earned it, like the most, on the green.

Without Roberto Soldado, off six weeks due to a major hamstring and adductor injury in his debut as a granota, The Madrid attacker will be the main threat in Orriols along with his partner Roger Martí. Either starting from a band or standing at the same height as the ‘Pistolero’ at the point of the spear. It is just a nuance. Paco López, without the veteran Valencian striker, turns his tactical scheme around and Morales is one of the keys to the drawing.

What is evidence is that the ’11’ granota will captain his team in the Ciutat de València. Since his first goal scorer against the whites in 2018, he has already scored three goals and all in the goal of Thibaut Courtois, the one who has taken the measure. Now he wants to take advantage of his inertia from the beginning to continue adding against the Belgian goalkeeper.

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