MoraBanc Andorra continues to be sweet: Joventut, a new victim

MoraBanc Andorra, with a very choral game and a stellar Oriol Paulí (20 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and a PIR of 25), added this Saturday its second consecutive victory in the Endesa League since David Eudal arrived on the bench. Those from the Principality beat Joventut from Badalona 91-72, who lost by a difference of 30 points at the end of the third quarter.

MoraBanc, with fluid basketball in attack and good defense, began dominating the game and with a 10-2 run in the first two minutes, they marked territory with triples by Miller-McIntyre and Mario Nakic.

The Andorran streak was cut short by Joventut Badalona with hits by Willis and Albert Ventura (12 to 8). On the track, the team led by David Eudal felt more comfortable.

Víctor Arteaga was leading in the paint and the maximum difference was +11 at 21-10. The Badalonese scored more than three than two and the first quarter ended 26-18 with five consecutive points from Pep Busquets.

Joventut Badalona had a hard time getting into the game. The defensive framework created by David Eudal and also the basketball full of fluidity handcuffed a rival who at no time felt comfortable.

A partial from 8 to 3, with two consecutive dunks by Moussa Diagne, served for the maximum difference with a +14 (40 to 26) with 4’00” remaining.

There was no hint of relaxation, the distances increased to +16 (47 to 31). Two points on the buzzer from Albert Ventura took the game to halftime with the score 47-33.

The most outstanding figure in these first 20 minutes was MoraBanc’s 11 assists with 5 for Codi Miller-McIntyre.

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After the restart, those from the Principality continued to suffocate Joventut. A partial from 12 to 2 with two triples by Oriol Paulí and another by Moussa Diagne placed +24 with the 61 to 37 with only four minutes played in the third quarter.

Carles Durán continued without hitting the key and David Eudal, until now, won the game in the blackboard duel. MoraBanc went on to win by 26 (63 to 37) with an ‘alley-hoop’ by Víctor Arteaga. A partial from 0 to 5 (63 to 42) cut the Andorran euphoria. The locals did not stop here and closed the third quarter with a +30 (79 to 49) with a 2 + 1 by Hannah and a triple by ‘Drew’ Crawford to reach the last quarter.

The partial in the last ten minutes was from 2 to 15 (81 to 64). Joventut Badalona woke up, but very late. David Eudal’s men relaxed with +30 at the end of the third quarter. They forgot to score even though they knew how to play with their advantage and now have two consecutive victories in the ACB after beating Real Madrid at the WiZink Center and Joventut Badalona.

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