moonfall was the collateral money pit of Roland Emmerich. The post-apocalyptic sci-fi film, in addition to having fairly negative reviews, only cashed in $44 million in revenue for a gargantuan budget excluding marketing costs of 150 million. The advertising budget, which is at least half of that of production, could bring the total losses of the film to almost $180 million in deadweight losses for the lionsgate.

A monster failure that makes moonfall one of the worst industrial disasters of this year 2022. And yet, Roland Emmerich had already introduced the possibility of a sequel in the feature film. In fact, the character of Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) arrives inside the Moon and discovers an ancient civilization fighting against a bizarre monster that caused the satellite to deviate from its path. It is implied that the character was to be the direct descendant of this civilization and that new battles would await him.


Now, if there really is a judge in the case of a Moonfall 2according Roland Emmerich, is the audience. Only he can set the trend.

“Yeah, maybe [Moonfall] is cool because then we could continue the story, but that will only happen if the movie is successful. Do not forget. The Moon falls to Earth, but that’s a side story. The point is more what’s inside the Moon, I strongly believe that we don’t deliver the real movie in the trailer. »

However, even if the film of Roland Emmerich attempted a clever turnaround in its final third to shift the post-apo narrative to a surprise, the director’s fans can now pout: Given the film’s disastrous score, they can be certain: There’s no will have no Moonfall 2.