Monumental review in El Chiringuito elevates Alfredo Duro

The controversial program has had a moment of tension on behalf of the talk show host

In The Play Bar there is always room for clashes among its participants and on this occasion Hard Alfred has taken center stage. This Spanish journalist has kept nothing to himself regarding the current affairs of the FC Barcelona and discussed with Wolf Carrasco in a very stressful time.

Let us remember that the focus of the program in one of its last episodes was precisely the culé painting. There, the project of Xavi Hernandez, who despite having shown a good start, ended up failing in the competitions he played. This generated an intense debate.

Alfredo Duro has referred to the current situation of Barcelona

Alfredo Duro reviews Lobo Carrasco at El Chiringuito

In this way it is that Alfredo Duro has given a monumental review in El Chiringuito, being clear against Barcelona. There, he has left Lobo Carrasco without arguments, who had focused on the 3 Cup Winners’ Cups that he had achieved as a Blaugrana, showing it as an incentive to give weight to his words.

The Madrid journalist had started the debate by saying that Carrasco should not make comparisons and that the history of FC Barcelona is reduced to Lionel Messi. This of course has not gone down well with the talk show host, who has immediately brought out the three Recopas from him. This made the WWE commentator much more angry.

For Alfredo Duro, the Recopa is “junk”

Given this, Alfredo Duro has been clear in El Chiringuito, asserting that those 3 Recopas are “junk”. All because of that time of the Catalans, about which he also mentioned that in Carrasco’s time, they only won one league every 14 years. “Barcelona has never been anyone, they have no history, the history of Barcelona begins and ends with Messi”, said the commentator.

His annoyance has been such that he couldn’t bear to compare the six Gento cups with the Cup Winners Cups by Lobo Carrasco. Although calm has been requested on the set, this was slow in coming and a little respect has been asked for a competition in which Zaragoza and Valencia have triumphed. Without a doubt, a moment of great tension.

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Alfredo Duro proud son of a communist in El Chiringuito

The Chringuito de Jugones has returned to normal and the program looks like it did before the pandemic. Football is returning little by little and with that excuse, Josep Pedrerol’s varied gatherings delight the spectators. Although they are not always a trend for their football opinions.

And it is that in recent months something has been reaffirmed that perhaps was not known, or at least not in all the gatherings. With the health crisis, in the end the monotheme has had to do with the management of the Government of Spain. Pure and hard politics that has taken an unknown image of some.

Alfredo Duro takes off his mask

Although there was a certain buzz with the multifaceted tastes of Alfredo Duro away from football, it has drawn powerful attention how the El Chiringuito collaborator positioned himself during this pandemic, clearly showing his political ideas. Many were surprised, since in Spain there is a certain tendency to pigeonhole everyone. And how Alfredo Duro is from real Madrid to the point of bordering on fanaticism, many always associate that feeling with the right. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Moreover, in the midst of the health crisis, Alfredo Duro shared a clearly communist image and responded to all those who criticized him by proudly proclaiming his communism. And he has defended the Government of Spain tooth and nail.

Son of a terrorist

But an Alfredo Duro has gone further, who has come out to give his opinion on the controversy that occurred with Pablo Iglesias and Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. And it is that the PP spokeswoman accused the United We Can of being the son of a terrorist.

Given this, Alfredo Duro explained that his father was in jail, so he is also a son, “proud” of being a terrorist. The message was the most talked about and completely shook El Chiringuito de Jugones, although this time it had nothing to do with football.

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