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Money Heist 5: Pedro Alonso and Alvaro Morte name the most ‘disgusting’ character

Fans of the Money Heist series hate two characters: Arturo and Gandia. They are not happy because he killed Nairobi in season 4 of Money Heist. As the premiere of Money Heist 5 approached, Alvaro Morte (teacher) and Pedro Alonso (Berlin) sat down to discuss which character deserves more hatred and there is no doubt that Arturo earns it. In a video shared on the Money Heist YouTube channel, the two actors sit together and read the tweets of some fans, making it clear that Arturo is the most hated character.

We tell you that the trailer for the Spanish webseries ‘Money Heist 5’ based on crime and drama was recently released, seeing that the curiosity of fans to see this last season has increased a lot. Money Heist is considered one of the best Netflix webseries and has been highly appreciated by audiences around the world.

Let us tell you that four parts of this series have been released so far that have been a tremendous success. In the trailer of the fifth part it is shown that in the ‘Real Casa de la Moneda de España’ and in the ‘Banco de España’ the professor and his team are caught stealing with great cunning. They are the same teachers who cleverly plan all the robberies. .make of. Now, what will happen after he is caught will be seen in the final season.

Álvaro Morte, who has beaten cancer, became a teacher at Money Heist, felt that he would not be alive for long


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