Monchi’s obsession to release Rafa Mir

Despite having a long-term contract, the Murcian could leave this summer

Monchi does not stop working on the new template of the Sevilla F.C.where you already have in your possession the list of players who may not continue, including Rafa Mir. The striker who has 12 goals this season, has given indications of his departure for the initiation of new projects. The truth is that for Lopetegui he is an ordinary player.

With this first, the Cadiz sports director accelerates the machines to get to the signing of the Italian scorer in the Turin of Serie A. We imagine that you already know that we are talking about the Lombard Andrea Belottiattacker for whom he sighs Monchi. Despite the fact that this season he has had serious physical setbacks, he has accumulated 1,164 minutes with a balance of 5 goals and 1 assist.

Monchi Rafa Mir
Andrea Belotti’s contract with Torino ends this summer, but he demands a signing bonus from the team where he goes.

Rafa Mir leaves and Belotti arrives to be the star striker that Monchi is looking for

Although we do not know what the future of the former Huesca striker is, it is most likely that he will stop wearing the Sevilla jersey starting this summer. In his place could come the Italian attacker, who is listed as one of the best area hunters in Serie A. His characteristics are those of the typical 9 but he can also play as a right-handed winger.

The businessman from Cádiz has everything ready to start negotiating the arrival of Belotti, since he will be a free agent this summer. Torino made several renewal proposals, but none met the expectations of both him and his agent. The other small obstacle that the nervous club could face is that the transalpine striker is asking for a high signing bonus.

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If Monchi does not hurry in the signing of Belotti, he will not be able to let Rafa Mir go

A talent like that of the Italian striker does not go unnoticed in Serie A. AC Milan was behind the striker for several months, but in recent weeks they ruled out the signing for reasons of preference with another player. However, Atalanta did remain in contact with the Lombard striker, and they also want to add him to their squad.

The same happens with West Ham United, who do not take their eyes off him and have been trying to convince the player in recent months. In this way, Sevilla through Monchi, must accelerate the machinery to find the ok by Andrea Belotti, but as we already anticipated, the pothole is the bonus that the player is asking for.

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