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Monchi pledges 10m to bring a key player from Sevilla FC to Aston Villa

The former Sevilla sporting director, who is now in command of the rogue side, is keen to complete the signing of the second LaLiga player and in this case it is a player from the side led by José Mendilibar. You can do it?

Of the three deals Aston Villa de Monchi have signed, one is from LaLiga EA Sports and Sevilla FC could provide the second. First of all the former Sevilla coach He managed to convince Pau Torres and Villarreal CF as well. Now you want to do the same in the Nervionense squadwith a defender unsure of Mendilibar’s plans.

After winning the world championship, his performance declined instead of increasing or at least staying on top. That’s why the Basque coach doesn’t yet know if he’ll get the Argentine or not. We talk about right-back Gonzalo Montiel, who is now on Monchi’s agenda, and of course the English club. From Villa Park, they put together the offer to 100% convince Seville.

Monchi Seville
Montiel is in limbo as he isn’t fully involved in Mendilibar’s schemes, but they don’t want to sell him short either.

The €10m offered by Monchi for Montiel doesn’t quite convince Sevilla FC

Despite being a player in limbo, the Seville club won’t undercut him, especially considering he still has room for improvement. The current price is given as 12 million euros, the contract period is until 2026. In this way, the 10 kilos they gained from England do not seem to move Víctor Orta’s table, let alone José Castro’s.

Sevilla paid River Plate €11m for the right winger’s services at the 2021 summer market. But considering the titles he won with his team when he was already a Sevilla player and the inauguration of the recent Europa League, Nervión’s sporting director estimated it at 15 kilos.

Montiel himself offers to help with the operation between Monchi and Sevilla FC

Everything seems to indicate that the gaucho winger is interested in going to the Premier League, particularly knowing his former sporting director is there. But beyond that, the player knows he’s not fixated on Mendilibar’s defensive approach and that could end up running out of minutes and being benched. Which would also lead to his absence from the Argentina national team.

If Montiel doesn’t want to play for Sevilla FC, Aston Villa is undoubtedly the best option. However, in the last few days information came from Buenos Aires, where they assured that River Plate would organize their player’s return. Something the winger doesn’t care about as his goal is still Europe.

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