Monchi accelerates for Omar Alderete in the face of Valencia CF’s passivity

The nervous team takes advantage of the carelessness of the Che club to snatch the defender

According to the transfer contract of the Paraguayan defender Omar Alderete with the Valencia CF, he had to exercise the purchase option if they met certain objectives. If he Che set achieved a quota for a European tournament, this option was automatically executed. However, the team failed to access any international competition.

Even so, the Valencian sports management could arrange another contract to stay with the excellent defendersince it showed great performance in this season. The truth is that the black and white team has remained idly by. A determination that Sevilla F.C. He plans to take the opportunity to throw the net at the Guarani defender.

Omar Alderete
The Paraguayan defender showed a high level with the black and white jersey, but even so, Valencia is not in the task of executing its purchase option.

The ignoring of Valencia with Omar Alderete that excites Sevilla

This is a great market opportunity and Monchi knows it. It’s not every day that Sevilla finds an excellent defender that their current team doesn’t want. And it is that everything indicates that the Valencian team will not execute the purchase option for the Paraguayan, even if his coach has shouted from the rooftops that he needs him for next season.

Thus, the nervous club has begun the steps to contact Hertha Berlin, who is the owner of the Alderete pass. The German team has no interest in returning the defender, especially when the player himself asked for time to find a new team in LaLiga Santander. The operation seems accessible and only Monchi’s management is missing.

Sevilla’s first problem with the hiring of Omar Alderete

Although the operation becomes easy for the team from Seville, there is a detail that could complicate it. And it is that they are not the only ones interested in the signing of Omar Alderete. Almost on a par with Sevilla, Villarreal CF has also expressed a strong desire to have the services of the Paraguayan defender, and is already in contact with the Teutonic club.

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Thus, the South American defender has two options to continue in LaLiga Santander. Alderete has stated that his objective now is to stay in Spain, since he affirms that he has adapted very well and the truth is that in Valencia he more than demonstrated it. The Che club still has time to change its mind, although Sevilla and Villarreal have already begun to move.

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