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Moncayola very worried: Osasuna signs a new midfielder

Despite being an integral part of Jagoba Arrasate’s starting line-up, the Navarrese midfielder cannot settle after his side back the signing of one of Valladolid’s most eye-catching midfielders.

Although it has the status of a major player in the world CA OsasunaMidfielder Jon Moncayola feels threatened by the latest signing soon to arrive at Sadar. He is one of the most talented midfielders in the world Real Valladolid and also internationally with the Moroccan national team. In fact, he has denied all commitments in Qatar 2022.

His name echoes in the blanquivioleta window as he is one of the most valuable players for Ronaldo Nazario, we mean Selim Amallah. Despite playing in a different position to Moncayola, the Moroccan can fill everything from core to midfield and even position himself on the far left.

Moncayola Osasuna
Selim Amallah’s arrival in Osasuna takes only a few days or even hours.

Moncayola awaits Operation Amallah – Osasuna

Everything seems to indicate that the African midfielder will leave the Blanquivioleta discipline and his most likely target will be the red-red team. This is due to the deadlock maintained by Valladolid and Valencia CF as negotiations between the two teams have come to an end. Peter Lim, boss of the Che team, is not interested in a signing or even a sale and has said ‘no’ in the face of a possible swap between the Moroccan and Marcos André.

This gave Osasuna a breather and the perfect opportunity to attack Amallah, who has been screaming in the premier league for minutes. Now the signing is in the hands of Braulio Vázquez, who is gradually deciphering President Pucela’s demands. At the moment we know that the midfielder is valued at €3m and his contract with José Zorrilla is signed until 2027.

Selim Amallah and Moncayola could play together and at the same time at Osasuna

Fears about the Navarrese midfielder could turn 180 degrees as the former Standar de Liège is most likely to play as a left winger. The reason is the departure of Ez Abde, also a Moroccan who returned to the discipline of FC Barcelona where he has apparently won Xavi’s trust.

In this way, Selim Amallah will take care of the offensive left flank and create diagonals inwards in attack and defense. While Jon Moncayola will maintain his natural position, he will be the main axis of the midfield, fulfilling his role as a recovery player. This will make Jagoba Arrasate his new signing number 5, behind Raúl García de Haro, Johan Mojica, Alejandro Catena and Manuel Arnáiz.

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