Bhojpuri actress Monalisa has shared a new video on social media. In Monalisa Video, in a miniskirt without makeup, she is seen flirting in front of the camera. In the video for Monalisa Dance, the viral dialogue shows me what to do if I am so beautiful. Monalisa (Bhojpuri actress Monalisa) is showing her flair in front of the camera that her husband Vikrant Singh Rajput says something like that which gives a big impact to Bhojpuri Bala.

Bhojpuri actress Monalisa is seen showing off her style in a deep neck red top and miniskirt in the new video. Along with Monalisa Video, her husband Vikrant Singh Rajput is also in the video. In Monalisa’s video, I am so beautiful, but the expressions show her husband reacting in the middle that by removing the filter, this funny style of Monalisa and Vikrant (Monalisa and Vikrant Video) is going viral on social media. Thousands of people have liked the new Monalisa video in a few hours.

Monalisa’s video is going viral on social media. Monalisa is considered an internet sensation. Her fans love Monalisa very much, netizens eagerly await Bhojpuri Bala’s photos and videos. Monalisa has earned its currency from the Bhojpuri industry to Hindi TV. Monalisa Movies has won millions of fans with her style, who like to watch her movies and song videos with great interest.



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