Monalisa danced to Priyanka’s song ‘Tinka Tinka’ that fans kept watching, video

The Bhojpuri actress Monalisa also has the iron of her excellent performance in the world of television. Monalisa is also known as a social media sensation. The actress continues to drive fans crazy with her dancing and glamorous style. Meanwhile, a new video of Monalisa has appeared, which is going viral very fast.

In fact, Monalisa has shared a new video of her on her Instagram account. In this video, Monalisa is seen dancing to Priyanka Chopra’s song ‘Tinka Tinka’ in a sari. In the video, Monalisa’s dance moves are seen competing with Priyanka Chopra. This latest video of Monalisa is very popular with her fans. Seeing Monalisa’s different style in the video, the hearts of the fans have reached out. Fans can’t live without praising him.

This video of Monalisa rocking in Tinka Tinka Song in a golden saree is getting fans’ hearts racing. This is the reason why this video shared shortly before has thousands of likes. Monalisa is very active on social media and often shares her sassy and glamorous photos and videos with fans. There are millions of followers on Monalisa’s Instagram.

Please tell him that Monalisa’s real name is Antara Biswas. Monalisa has worked on more than 100 Bhojpuri films. Not only this, the actress also appeared in season 10 of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss. Monalisa was one of the popular contestants during the show. What’s special is that Monalisa was a contestant who got married in Bigg Boss’s own home.


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