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Shaheen-Farin duo's film will release on Thursday

Shihab Shaheen made a web film about the events in his life – Baba, Someone is Following Me. The film will be released on the Binge app on November 23rd. The premiere of the film will be held at Star Cineplex Mohakhali branch on the same day at 6:30 pm. Only invited guests can take part in the premiere.
The incident happened with Shadid Shihab, the daughter of the producer of “Chuye Dil Man” fame.

In addition to studying at Sydney University in Australia, Shadid also worked there. Suddenly one night the daughter called her father. Shihab Shaheen was sleeping at that time. On the phone, Shadid said, “Dad, someone is following me, you keep talking to me.”

Narrating the incident, Shihab Shaheen said, “I kept talking.” That night, I didn’t know who to ask for help for my daughter in such a distant land. I was very worried. I made this web image about this incident.

In the web film, Tasnia Farin played the role of the daughter and Shahiduzzaman Salim played the role of the father. Irfan Sajjad, Sohel Mondal and others are also in the cast.

Previously, Tasnia Farin starred in several dramas and web series directed by Shihab Shaheen. This director-actress duo’s dramas ‘Kamala Langar Rod’, ‘Badle Gwa Mansoor’, ‘Preeti Amr Bhalosha’ and ‘Stri Ten Bad Abhayas’ are highly appreciated. The web series “Syndicate” was also discussed.

After “Baba, Someone Is Following Me” another web film will soon follow. For Charki, 12 producers led by Mustafa Saryar Faruqi are producing 12 web films. There Tasnia Farin also starred in Shihab Shaheen’s “Kachher Mansoor Doori Thuiya” alongside Pritam Hasan.

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