Momparler: “Valverde in gravel could surprise more than one”

Pascual Momparler, national cycling coach, believes that former runner Alejandro Valverde, World Road Champion in 2018, “will be one of those who are fond of gravel cycling and in that modality it will surprise more than one”.

Momparler, a fan for years of bicycles adapted to all types of terrainhas experienced the unstoppable growth of this modality.

“I rode cyclocross when I was younger. I remember going from my house to the circuit every day and coming back. I had a great time. I was riding that type of bike looking for greenways when gravel didn’t exist yet. When this trend started in the United States, I bought my first bicycle, about 7-8 years ago. Since then, I go out with her whenever I can because I find it so much fun,” Momparler said.

The Spanish coach considered that gravel, which already organizes races in Spain such as the Mussara Hunting Dogsit is not a simple fashion, but it is a modality called to endure over time.

“Gravel has come to stay. I think that it is going to separate that road cycling tourism and that mountain biking that is practiced on roads. Those people are going to stay in gravel. Some because they use a bike that is not suitable for the use they are giving it and others because they are going to realize that they can do the same with a gravel bike, but on quieter roads and running away from cars a bit. All this is already coming, ”he explained in statements to the organization of that test.

“Valverde will ride gravel and surprise”

Pascual Momparler believes that Alejandro Valverde, recently retired as a road pro at age 42, will have a preferential place in the gravel.

“I think Valverde is going to be one of those who ride gravel and he is going to surprise more than one. In the Strade Bianche he enjoyed a lot, last year he wanted to run in Jaén. I know that he has it in his head, ”she specified.

Of the runners who attended the World Championships en route to Wollongong, he said,”Carlos Verona surprised me with his technique. I know that he had his gravel bike to download, but I saw that he had a lot of level ”.

Last year the first gravel world championship organized by the UCI was helda first step that did not particularly surprise the coach.

“In the European cyclo-cross commission, to which I belong, the possibility of this world championship has been discussed for four or five years. In countries like Italy, Belgium or in the north of France, gravel was hitting very hard. So it wasn’t a big surprise either. What did surprise me was that so many Spanish runners came”.

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