Moldova: the country divided between Europe and Russia

In the west of Moldova, the province of Unghenie is a very fertile region. Ion Bugac comes to inspect the trees he planted last year. At 23, he has just joined the family farm. The young entrepreneur, who also has a start-up, aims to conquer the European market. “I do everything to find partners in Europe. As I am young, I speak several languages ​​and I can interact with many people abroad.” Moldova has established partnerships with the European Union and its farm has already obtained loans to purchase equipment. So here, we proudly display the starry flag.

owe nothing to anyone

But not all Moldovans want to join the European Union. Mihai arranged to meet us in front of the Socialist Party headquarters. Inside, people speak Russian, and Lenin’s portrait hangs in the kitchen. Mihai has worked in Germany and the Netherlands as a delivery driver, but he remains very Eurosceptic. He wants his country to keep its neutrality and says it is closer to Moscow than to Brussels. “Today we have to repay all the money the European Union lent us, but we don’t have the means. Moscow didn’t send us anything, we don’t owe them anything”he points out.

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