The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed ben Zayed, was elected on Saturday May 14, President of the United Arab Emirates. He succeeds his half-brother, Khalifa ben Zayed Al-Nahyan, who died Friday at the age of 73.

At 61, Mohammed bin Zayed says “MBZ”already de facto leader of the wealthy Gulf monarchy since 2014was chosen “unanimously” by members of the Supreme Council of the Emirates Federation, the official WAM news agency reported.

In charge since 2014

Third son of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, first president and founding father of the Emirates Federation, “MBZ”crown prince of the capital and emirate of Abu Dhabi, had already been in charge since a stroke in January 2014 sidelined Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan.

Mohammad bin Zayed has “thanked” the sheikhs of the Federal Supreme Council “for their trust”. The election of “MBZ” thus formalizes its position as leader of the rich oil country of some 10 million inhabitants, while the country has begun a period of 40 days of mourning for the death at the age of 73 of Sheikh Khalifa.


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