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Modric doesn’t wait any longer: he tells Real Madrid about his future

The Croatian footballer has made a decision and has already informed Florentino Pérez and Co. about it

Luka Modric He is going through a difficult phase at Real Madrid, where he completely lost his importance at the start of the season. He was promised at the time that he would play an important role even if he wasn’t a starter, but none of that happened. He only played 161 of a possible 450 minutes and that didn’t go down well with the midfielder.

Let’s remember this Luka Modric rejected several million offers from Saudi Arabia, with priority always being given to Real Madrid. Now he seems to be very sorry for this decision as Carlo Ancelotti does not take it into account as he was only in the starting line-up once. This doesn’t seem to be changing in any way and there are already consequences.

Modric Real Madrid
The midfielder would change course in January

Luka Modric is pretty upset with Real Madrid and is already thinking about his future away from the Bernabéu

It is therefore clear that the Croatian’s departure would come sooner than expected. He’s pretty upset about it the broken promises they made and intends to change the scene as quickly as possible. He knows he still has a lot of squad and hopes to accept one of the offers that could arrive in January.

And Luka Modric will have a very difficult time adding good minutes since then Ancelotti has confirmed that youth will be a priority at Real Madrid. Tchouaméni, Camavinga and Bellingham are expected to take over the white midfield, something the Italian is very clear about. From then on, the Croatian player made a decision.

He will not play a leading role and prefers to fade into the background: the start of the season will determine the Croatian’s path

In this order of ideas, it seems that the former Tottenham player and commander of his national team would head off to another destination once the winter market begins. It appears that will accept any offer from Saudi football and although they would no longer pay 40 million for him, they would pay a similar amount.

The dynamic with Ancelotti is far from changing, as the coach always hoped that Modric would forget Croatia and give Real Madrid complete relevance. Yes indeed, The midfielder wants to play EURO 2024 with his country and he intends to win this title. For this reason and more, the Croatian “wizard” is moving further and further away from the whites.

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