Modi government has martyred another madrassa

Assam: Modi government destroyed another madrassa in Assam state.

According to the details, religious freedom in Modi’s India has become equivalent to a crime, another seminary was martyred in the state of Assam by the Indian fascist government.

4 Madrasas have been demolished within a month, the Madrasa of Assam was martyred on baseless charges, according to Indian media, the police said that the Madrasa’s structure was weak and unfit for habitation.

In Assam, the madrasa named Makarza Al-Maarif Qur’aniya was martyred, the state government of the Bharatiya Janata Party continues to crack down on madrasas in the Indian state, where four madrasas have been demolished in a month.

According to Indian media, a local police officer gave a ridiculous reason for destroying the madrassa, saying that the building structure of the madrassa was weak and unfit for habitation, so it had to be demolished.

Last week, the Assam government also issued a new order on mosques and Islamic madrassas, under which registration of non-local imams and madrassa teachers on a government website is mandatory.

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