Modern Pharmaceutical Company Claims Our Vaccine Booster Dose Is Effective Against Omicron

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The Omicron threat is growing rapidly in the country.


  • According to the company, antibody levels rose further when a 100-microgram booster dose was administered.
  • This produced 83 times more neutralizing antibodies.
  • According to Moderna, these are preliminary laboratory data.

WashingtonAmerican drugmaker Moderna announced Monday that its booster dose is more effective against the new variant of Omicron than the usual two doses. The company said in a statement that two doses of its vaccine produced a small amount of neutralizing antibodies against the Omicron variant, but the 50-microgram booster dose produced 37 times more neutralizing antibodies against the variant.

Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel confirmed this in a statement. According to the company, a 100-microgram booster dose increased the level of antibodies and produced 83 times more neutralizing antibodies.

The effect of the full dose of the booster was even greater, causing an 83-fold increase in antibody levels, Mardna said. According to Moderna, this is preliminary laboratory data and has not yet been scientifically reviewed. Since the results have not yet been fully reviewed, the company plans to share the data with government health officials.

The company said it will also continue to develop a specific Omicron booster candidate, which should enter clinical trials in early 2022. The Omicron variant, which is described as a worrying variant, has so far spread to about 90 countries, spanning says it is more contagious than other variants and the vaccine also has no significant effect on it.

According to a study by Israeli researchers, the third injection of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine also provides significant protection against the new variant of Omicron.

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However, a booster dose of COVID, developed by Sinopharm of China, has been shown to elicit a weakened immune response against Omicron.


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